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Massage Services

With four relaxing massage rooms, and a variety of great massage therapists. Our patients are assured an amazing massage experience. All our therapists are trained to facilitate rehabilitation, and relaxation to all our patients by customizing each massage specific to meet their needs. This includes providing the most effective pressure whether it be a more intense version of deep tissue or a gentler approach. In a highly therapeutic and relaxing manner, our therapists focus immense detail to specific muscle groups related to the client's specific issues whether it be chronic pain, injuries, muscle strains or just general maintenance. The therapist are best suited in helping patients who are intending to improve on their overall health and wellness, maintain fitness levels specific to their activities, or who are in need of profound relaxation. All massage therapists are licensed and insured.

Massage Therapy Services

  • Cupping
  • Hot Stone
  • Deep Tissue
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Chair Massage

Massage Therapy Benefits

  • Stress Relief
  • Ache and Pain Reduction
  • Circulation Improvement
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Headache Relief
  • Immune System Boost
  • Digestion Improvement

Your Insurance may cover your massage therapy or a portion of the cost, let us check your insurance to see what it will cover!

Meet Our Massage Therapists

Julia Dominguez

Julia Dominguez

About Julia:

Julia holds a certification by the State of California as a Massage Therapist and has also obtained an advanced certification in Neuro-Structural BodyworkTM. She graduated from Kali Institute for Massage and Somatic Therapies in Ventura, CA in 2012 and has taken additional course work in Anatomy and Physiology. She continues her studies in other modalities of Massage Therapy, as well as in Health and Wellness. She is proficient in Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Cupping, Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Chair Massage, and specializes in Sports Massage and Neuro-structural Bodywork TM. Julia's massage is highly therapeutic, combining the various modalities in which she is proficient. Customizing each Massage to meet the individual's goals per session, she provides a range of pressures and techniques to best fit the client's needs.

Dyan Scholz

Dyan Scholz

About Dyan:

Dyan is a licensed massage therapist, highly trained in therapeutic massage. She combines her training and experience to develop a personal healing plan for her clients. Dyan is noted for her ability to perform intuitive healing therapies. Her caring and compassionate methods enable clients to make transitions from discomfort to relief.

In her own practice for 18 yrs, she has used her advanced professional training to serve a broad spectrum of clients. Her training is diverse, she currently is practicing Swedish and deep tissue often adding acupressure, shiatsu pressure points. Her certifications were earned from Kali Institute and the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute. Some of the spas she has worked include Bicara Resort and Spa and Ojai Valley Inn. Dyan resides in the beautiful coastal town of Ventura, California.

Dina Gricenko

Dina Gricenko

About Dina:

Dina has been fascinated with bodies and their possibilities since childhood dance class. She has been teaching yoga with a very hands-on approach since 2010 and so naturally pursued 500-hour CA massage certification at Kali Institute in 2017. Holistic bodywork has personally helped her resolve traumatic injury, digestive issues, and emotional upheaval, amongst other recovery. Dina offers a variety of approaches to help others, ranging from the noninvasive approach of CranioSacral Therapy to the therapeutic manipulations of Sports Massage and many modalities in between, capitalizing on the partnership formed between therapist and receiver’s body. Integrating her yoga experience, knowledge from earning a premedical degree, curiosity about Traditional Chinese Medicine, and zest for active outdoor living, she constantly learns from her clients as well as devours new techniques and theories.

Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia

About Michelle:

Michelle has been certified massage therapist for 10 yrs after training at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute. She has continued taking Anatomy and physiology courses to enhance her knowledge as a body worker. She has been dedicated to help heal clients, treating them with all types of injuries and digestive issues. Her technique is a mixture of modalities using a strong,  gentle touch. She specializes in Swedish, Visceral Lymphatic, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Reflexology & Pregnancy. When she is not massaging Michelle enjoys long distance running including full marathon and 1/2 marathon  training along the beautiful Ventura beaches, hikes with her dog Pepper and loves to spend time camping with family.

Yo Falcon

Yo Falcon

About Yo:

Born and raised in Ventura Ca, Free spirited is how most would describe Yo. After graduating from Kali Institute in 2007, Yo has been devoted to healing our community one person at a time. Yo is a deep tissue specialist, yet has a gentle way of approaching troublesome areas. A big believer in energy work, she incorporates her method into all her massages. Along with other great therapist, she had the opportunity to work for the Ojai Oaks fitness spa, that unfortunately closed due to the Thomas fire. She has since been doing her own practice and loves the connection with new and familiar energies. Excited for life and a beach kid at heart, Yo is happy to offer her skill set to all that are open to it!

Michelle Dayan

Michelle Dayan

About Michelle:

Michelle Dayan specializes in a welcoming touch that allows the body to unwind gently through Myofascial Release and Craniosacral therapy. She has been working in the field of massage since 2007 and spent 11 years at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, catering to all types of bodies and using various modalities. She loves life and everything about massage.

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw

About Brian:

Brian had a back injury and started regular massage to help his recovery. During this time he became very interested in massage therapy and how he could return the favor to his community to help others who have body pain as well. He received his training in Massage Studies at A2Z School in Thousand Oaks and Kali Institute in Ventura. He has been a massage therapist since 2016. He incorporates Swedish Massage, Neuro Structural Bodywork, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Thai Massage.

Beatriz Panaigua

Beatriz Panaigua

About Beatriz:

Beatriz spent the majority of her life growing up in big cities. Born in San Francisco and raised in Mexico City. She was already a graduate of NHI having completed their 700hr program in 2001. Her previous background was Fitness Instructor but one day she felt 'called' to massage. She visited NHI and was enrolled to start two days later. She has never looked back and continues to pursue this gift and calling. In 2006 Beatriz decided to move, Ojai and began working at the Ojai Valley Inn, after having spent the first 5 years after graduating working as a chiropractic assistant in San Francisco with one of the best doctors in the city. This experience and continued studies allowed her to have an intimate understanding of the body and the needs of a body that is experiencing pain and discomfort. Beatriz then carried this knowledge into the understanding of the emotional and somatic component of how we 'carry' our pain and memories. The body truly does keep the score. Over the years and with the extensive training at Spa Ojai she was able to really develop her own unique signature touch, and bring a quality of luxury and peace to her sessions. Her approach is body led and intuitive. Creating a dialogue with her clients of their specific needs as well as what she calls "listening hands" in which the body is able to have a space for someone to listen. Her heart is to hold a safe space for the mind, body and soul to heal and unwind. Beatriz now calls Ventura home with her 2 children , her son that is 8 and daughter that is 5. In her free time you may catch her walking on the beach collecting sea glass. Chasing after her kids at the park, or simply curled up with a book and a warm cup of tea.

She is a highly skilled therapist with training in different modalities which include:

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Reflexology
  • CranialSacral
  • Pregnancy
  • Hot Stone
  • Lymphatic
  • Oncology Massage

Jussara Mermaid

Tamara Hanson

About Jussara:

Jussara is a licensed, certified, and professional massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor and musician. From an early age, Jussara has understood the connection between nature, the human body and energy. At 11yrs old she started her journey as a healer. She began working as a massage therapist, sport therapist and visceral manipulation therapy in her home country of Brazil. This has guided her life's mission and work. Jussara has over many years’ experiences working with the human body. Jussara is a certified sound therapist by the International Academy of Sound Healing (I.A.S.H) under Master Satya Brat. Jussara assesses each client's challenges and goals to suggest the best technique. A passion for nature, animals, singing, cooking , helping people and being true to herself and all Beings surrounding her.

Specialties Include:

  • Therapeutic massage therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Deep tissue
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Trigger-point therapy
  • Sport massage therapy

Kristen Hermanson

Kristen Hermanson

About Kristen:

Kristen began her career by studying at Esalen institute in Big Sur, CA. She has since studied lymphatic massage, myofascial release, prenatal, deep tissue, cupping, gua sha, manual muscle testing, & polarity therapy. Kristen has been studying massage since 2015, but has not stopped her career there! Kristen is also trained in foundation training, hypno-therapy, reiki master, & functional nutrition and lab diagnosis, & studied in a shamanic apprenticeship. She is also trained as a raw vegan chef & yoga teacher.

Diane Marie

Diane Marie

About Diane:

Diane Marie is a graduate of The Massage Center in Thousand Oaks and has 14 years of therapeutic massage experience working in private practice, medical settings, spas, and health clubs. She always wanted to help people feel better and get well. After witnessing over time how an individual whose physical abilities had significantly improved from physical therapy and massage, that was the "aha" moment.. Her education is on-going to continue learning new styles of bodywork as she utilizes techniques from various modalities to achieve the most beneficial therapy needed. Diane has recently become a resident of Ventura after a life-long dream to live near the ocean.

Specialties include:

  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Hot Stone
  • Deep Tissue
  • Craniosacral
  • Pregnancy
  • Lymphatic
  • Oncology
  • Senior

Jeff Bricker

Jeff Bricker

About Jeff:

Jeff is a passionate and dedicated Certified Massage Therapist, driven by his early experiences as a competitive athlete and his profound appreciation for the healing arts. Having endured regular injuries throughout his athletic journey, he developed a profound fascination with the power of bodywork to promote recovery and wellness. During his transformative 3-year immersion in Northern Thai culture, Jeff discovered the intrinsic value of bodywork in everyday life, igniting a deep desire to share this sentiment within his local community. With extensive training in deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, Swedish, and sports massage techniques from A2Z Health in Thousand Oaks, California, Jeff brings a diverse range of therapeutic skills to his clients, ensuring personalized and effective treatments tailored to their unique needs. Jeff's hunger for learning is insatiable, as he wholeheartedly seeks out new knowledge and techniques to enhance his understanding of the human body and its complexities. He approaches each client with genuine curiosity, aiming to grasp the intricacies of their individual bodies and create customized healing experiences that address their specific chronic pain concerns.

Specialties Include: Deep tissue, Swedish, Acupressure, Trigger-Point Therapy, Active Release, and Hot Stone.

I Use To Take 6 Motrin Everyday…Until Now!

My name is Joseph and I am from Ventura, Ca. Since starting chiropractic care 2 months ago, I find myself sleeping much better and getting more rest. I use to sleep in on my days off and now I find myself getting up early, getting out of bed and staying busy. It feels good to be active and it has been such an amazing change in my life. Since I started care at Coastal Chiropractic I have cut my Motrin use down from 6 everyday to 6 maybe in the last 2 months total! Now I have no pain and chiropractic has been great for pain relief as well as overall wellbeing. I want to thank Dr. Leonard for such wonderful care.

- Joseph A.

Thanks Dr. Matt, My Arm Has Normal Motion Again!

My name is Kelly, and I’m from here in Ventura. I was having difficulty moving my arm above my shoulder, and a month’s worth of physical therapy had no effect. After seeing Dr. Matt for chiropractic care, and practicing at-home stretches and traction, I can lift my arm over my head again! Thanks Dr. Matt!

- Kelly

No More Headaches!

I met Dr. Matt about 5 years ago, looking for relief from chronic low back pain, an extremely stiff neck, and severe migraines. During our first consultation, it was obvious that Dr. Matt was concerned about my overall health and would do his best to help me get well. Not only did he address all of my specific concerns, he also educated me on the other benefits of regular chiropractic care. I began to experience relied in my feet and legs almost immediately, followed by progress in my neck. Gradually, my headaches reduced in severity. Dr. Matt addressed my body’s physical issues, but also worked with me on the importance of having a positive attitude. Belief that one can heal is such an important aspect of total wellness. I feel like a new man these days, and am forever grateful to Dr. Matt for the compassion, patience, and care that he has given me. I will continue to see Dr. Matt as long as he will have me as a patient.

- Anthony M.

No One Has Helped Me More Than Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt is very good and friendly Doctor. Going to his office clams me down after a long hard day of work. The office environment is very inviting and peaceful. He welcomes you with his warm smile every time you walk in the door. Even if he is busy he will always say hi to everybody that comes in. Then you get adjusted...which makes life even better. I’ve had back pain for numerous years, seen a lot of Doctors, Chiropractors and specialist. But NO one has helped me more than Dr. Matt. He told me what was wrong, what was causing my pain, how he was going to help, and even made a plan of action to get me pain free. I have been going to Dr. Matt for about 4 month now and I’m feeling great. Dr. Matt has saved my life!!!!!!

- Tony J.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

My name is Michael and I live in Santa Barbara. I came in to Coastal Chiropractic to get my hip and shoulder looked at. My shoulder is doing fantastic and my hip is really starting to come around. I am really happy with the results. I really appreciate all the help!

- Michael P.

I Am Getting My Life Back!

My name is James. I am 50 years old and have broken my back 3 separate times. Over the last 10 years, I have undergone several operations. I was taking 8 percoset a dar, 4-5 Soma, and numerous other pain pills. 3 months ago, I came in to see Dr. matt, and though I’m still on a patch, I no longer need any Percocet or Soma! I feel so much better getting off the drugs, and my back feels looser. I am thrilled to see so much progress so quickly! I would recommend Dr. Matt to anybody-he has done a lot for me, and he can do a lot for you too.

- James W.

I was Dizzy, Headaches Everyday, & had Nausea…I Feel Normal Again!

My name is Catherine and I live in Ventura and I want to let everyone know about my experience with Dr. Matt. I had neck problems and came to see Dr. Matt and he pretty much pressed on the exact spot that I was having symptoms and headaches everyday, was nauseous for 2 weeks and he said I could help you with that. Without Dr. Matt I probably would have gone to a medical doctor and would have taken a medication that would not have helped with the actual problem. I figured in the back of my mind I was going to become a patient soon, but then the following day not only did I have a headache and nausea, but there was dizziness as well. The room was spinning around so I called Dr. Matt at like 7:45 or 8:00 at night and he called me back within 15 minutes and said that he would come in early to work to help you and that is my main focus right now. He came in at 7:30 and treated me. Immediately after he treated me I felt the blood rush back into my face, I felt normal again and just so much less tension. I have been doing great ever since then so thank you very much!

- Catherine P.

I Feel Great To This Day!

My name is Dustin and I am from Ventura, Ca. I originally came in to see Dr. Matt because I had a stiff neck from numerous years of bad posture. I slept on 2 pillows one night and I woke up the next morning and my neck was totally stiff. So I came in and he took x-rays to find the problem. Set me up on a plan to get started coming in three times a week. He took x-rays before and after the care plan and on the final x-ray I noticed a huge difference in the curve in my neck. Thanks you so much Dr. Matt and I feel great to this day!

- Dustin L

We Couldn’t be Happier

After moving to Ventura, we were looking for a chiropractor and happened to walk by Dr. Matt’s office. We stopped in, and he gave us free initial exams, x-rays, and consultations. He is professional and really knows his stuff. I assess a chiropractor’s abilities by whether he can tell me my problem spots, not me having to tell him. He nails it every time. He makes you feel very comfortable, gives you practical advice and assigns exercises without the need for expensive equipment. He even (very gently) adjusts our 17 month old daughter. Since his office also has massage, it’s sort of one-stop shopping. We couldn’t be happier; I recommend Dr. Matt to anyone looking for chiropractic care in Ventura.

- Jared, Stefanie, and Jayden K.

Low Back Pain

My name is Victor Castro and 6 weeks ago I came to the doctor and my low back was hurting a lot. It was feeling very bad before I had gone to see Dr. Matt. He is definitely one of the best and I am feeling very good! I have been feeling great since I started getting care 6 weeks ago so thank you so much!

- Victor C.

Herniated Disc Helped With Out Surgery

I herniated a disc in my lower back 15 years ago and thought I was just going to have to deal with discomfort and bouts of pain for the rest of my life. Over the years, my back pain spread to my neck and shoulders and recently my hips and knees. I felt as though arthritis, which runs in my family, was setting in. Exercise provided relief, but never seemed to fully alleviate the constant problem. Dr. Leonard changed everything. After my first visit, I felt completely aligned and pain free for the first time since my injury. I no longer viewed my physical discomfort as an incurable mystery, and I no longer feel like I am exercising in vain, merely postponing an inevitable back surgery. The positive outlook I’ve gained spans far beyond simply being happy about not needing surgery; I have an enormous amount of energy because I am now free of discomfort in my entire body. Dr. Leonard has single-handedly created a new life for me. I try and see him once a week and have become an energetic athlete again and feel fitter and healthier than I did before my injury. My parents are his patients now as well and it is exciting to watch their quality of life improve. Through his counsel I have improved my diet and nutrition and enjoy all the benefits of better health and fitness.

- John M.

I’m Not Walking Around In Pain!!!

My name is Steve M., when I first started seeing Dr. Matt I could not look over my shoulder while driving. As treatments took action I can now do full motion while driving. This has made a tremendous improvement in my daily life, I can take walks without my neck being bothered. I can’t explain how thankful it is to be treated by Doctor Matthew; it has been an amazing journey. What makes him unique is that he cares about his patients and is willing to be financially flexible.

- Steve M.

Finally Ending My 4 Year Search For A Great Chiropractor

I had been searching for a great chiropractor for over 4 years, travelling to the Valley for treatments because I wasn’t happy with any of the chiropractors in this area. Finally, I found Dr. Matt and have been seeing him at least weekly for over 1 year. He has relieved much of my pain and is more than willing to deal with my insurance situations (or lack thereof). I am more than grateful to have found such a great chiropractor and person, who truly cares about each of his patients’ needs.

- Stefanie K.

My Life Has Improved 100%

Hi, my name is Ina Brown and I want to give a testimonial for Dr. Matt because he has improved my life 100% from about 5 weeks ago. I am a manicurist/pedicurist and my business keeps me bent over all day and hurting. I also have had a few Bell’s Palsy episodes and in 2000 it really dropped my face. Neurologist and medical doctors said that I can’t go to chiropractors ever because my neck is a mess and my jaw is off. So I avoided them for about 15 years until I did something about 5 weeks ago that made it so I cannot sit which renders me unable to work. I could only stand or lie down and was in pain all the time. Dr. Matt came highly recommended so I gave him a call and started care. About the 2nd week was when I started to walk pretty well and I was able to sit for a short time. I am just telling you this because everyone said that I could not see a chiropractor. I had chiropractic care for most of my life, but then I stopped. I am almost 60 and I was feeling like I am 80 until I started seeing Dr. Matt. I believe that for most people chiropractic care is a must. Some do not believe in chiropractic and they will be in pain forever. If you are contemplating getting care, come see Dr. Matt. I have had chiropractic care before, but Dr. Matt is gentle and the adjustments are easy to handle. I highly recommend Dr. Matt so please make your appointments and feel better for the rest of your life!

- Ina B.

I Have Tried Everything!

I have had a persistent chronic headache since 2005 and I have tried everything to help alleviate the pain. I was pessimistic but I had tried everything and I was truly desperate to get some relief. I have been totally amazed at the amount of relief I have received by seeing Dr. Matt. I feel like I have my life back! I actually have days now when my head doesn’t hurt which is totally amazing. Dr. Matt is caring and considerate and has a passion for what he does. He has totally changed my life!

- Charmaine M.

Dr. Matt Goes Above and Beyond

My wife was petrified of chiropractic care from a previous experience that caused her to have back surgery. She had a neck issue from a recent car accident, and therapy and steroid shots didn’t help. I finally talked her into meeting with Dr. Matt, though she was still skeptical. She went with me a few times and watched and talked with him about what he does. She finally let Dr. Matt help her, and after 3 visits she was amazed at how he had helped her. She is now a regular. I NEVER thought Dr. Matt had a chance with her but his caring won her over. He is the best.

- Steve and Denise C

Surfing Better than Ever

I started seeing Doctor Matt about two years ago. I came in primarily because my neck was hurting from a few surf injuries. I was taking a lot of ibuprofen and feeling much discomfort. Dr. Matt encouraged me and gave me stretches to help with the healing process. Today I am 100% better! I continue seeing Doctor Matt to remain healthy! My mobility is back! And my surfing is better than ever!

- Ryan B.

I Followed The Plan…Now I’m Pain Free!

My name is Mike, and I’m 53 years old. 8 weeks ago, I met Dr. Matt at a downtown street fair. For about 5 weeks, I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back and between my shoulder blades. Dr. Matt took some x-rays, did an exam, and showed me on the x-ray exactly what was wrong. He laid out a plan, I followed it, and am now pain free! Come see him!

- Michael H.

My overall well-being has definitely improved

I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I did my research and I found good reviews for Coastal Chiropractic on other sites, and then a friend gave me a recommendation. I had been having mid-back pain since I had injured myself on a trampoline. After getting my initial X ray I was shocked to see what my spine really looked like, so it made it easy to identify what my problems were stemming from. My neck had no curve, and my mid spine vertebrae were compressed. After following a month of Dr. Matt’s treatment and doing a follow-up X ray, it was amazing to actually see the improvement, along with feeling better as well. Dr. Matt is very accommodating, and is super friendly. He’ll get me adjusted and ready to go on my next snowboarding trip or just for everyday surfing. It’s nice to have a chiropractor to talk about the waves with too. And those days when I come in super sore from whatever strenuous activity I put myself through that week, Dr. Matt takes that into account and works out my soreness and shows me stretches to do on my own. My overall well-being has definitely improved since coming to Coastal Chiropractic.

- Meghan F.

I Am Now Off My Sleeping And Pain Medications!

My name is Beth and I am from Ventura, California. For 3 years, I have been on sleeping and pain medication. With Dr. Matt’s help, I am off the medications and am sleeping and feeling better than ever!

- Beth V.

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